Freitag, 24. Februar 2012


that's what i like, daddy-o - PACKAGE POSTER deluxe... finally i can experiment with pen and brush and write like 60 times over 10 weird bandnames for this superb and biggest european ska festival! it takes place in ROSSLAU at the wasserburg. GO THERE - it is definitely worth it. i know the promoter - he's one of the guys that brought us the terrific "SUMMER SAFARI"-festival (R.I.P.) - and yep, it was hard work putting all this stuff and selfmade fonts together, ARGH! achtung: TOOTS & the maytals are NOT confirmed yet.... so there might be two other top notch bands instead of em!!!


OH LA LAAAAA... another burlesque event takes place in DRESDEN at the club SCHEUNE - watch out, dresdenians! the show girls are cute, the photos i did get for working out the poster-design ok, but i finally took a vintage pin-up photo and made it look like a pulp magazin. uff, some of the fonts are self-made with a one can plainly see ;-)

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

L.E. Jump

leipzig seems to be the new hot spot for swingsters and hep-kittens - once again and finally! every time they come with frsh bands, great DJs and everything in a straight and chique retro-style. i tell you: if you ever near to leipzig, don't miss to pay a visit to the NOELS BALLROOM (i.e. the mccormacks ballroom) - it is defenitely worth it! even more when it is L.E.jump time again... this time mr. stephan wuthe is lecturing about his brandnew book "swing time in germany" - after that record hop galore with original shellack....wohoooo - dig the poster!!!!