Freitag, 19. November 2010

LOGO for local "malermeister"

I simply love it when companies have a mascot that transports the name or the business. here is a logo i made for the local house-painter comp. "OCHS". you see "ochs" means ox in german - so the idea was clear to have a friendly and colorful ox as mascot and logo...


  1. It's great! Strong but nice colours and a pretty friendly ox;) Is the sign "Malermeister" also a part of the logo? If it is, in (only) my opinion it could be a bit smaller. Maybe as wide as the sign "Ochs", if I can give a casual suggestion(?). But propably the reason is that I see it on a small white area.
    Best from Poland

  2. uh...hey, my first comment ever...! :-) yep, maybe you're right. i guess i tried it, but then again the "stage" for the friendly ox was too small. now the "malermeister" is as wide as the whole ox (brush-tail to horn)...but it is in the making.
    have a good day, maria - and thanks for your comment...

  3. :) Nice to be the first one! Ok I get it. Thanks for responding, and have a nice day too!