Montag, 12. September 2011


yoohootoohoooo!!! the "OLD MAD WITCH"-release is out at last! when i first heard this song called "MAD WITCH" by dave gardner i totally flipped and it was only a matter of time for me to do a coverversion of this great song. soon the idea was clear to do a 4-song-EP with devils and witches as main point. so it also recorded "train of sin" (original version by bill haley), "train to satanville" (by gin gilette) and "race with the devil" by gene vincent... now it is pressed and released on the biggest small label out of frankfurt, germany: WITCHCRAFT INTERNATIONAL - yep, the perfect label for this stuff. check the cover i did...
and hey, when you know the ORIGINAL version of "old mad witch" by mel allen (yes, dave gardners song allready seems to be a cover version) - please tell me - i'm searching desperately for it...
check out the website of the label to buy this EP:
..and here a sample (made by brother WILD PASCAL!!!):

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