Dienstag, 6. März 2012


the mascot for the OKEEFENOKEE DJ TEAM LEIPZIG! a little red crocodile, hanging around in my garden and fishing with my original 45s.... i tried to doodle it on a very tiny cardboard while fishing...

Freitag, 2. März 2012

THE KANALOAS play quasimoto stomp!!!

a cool retro surf band from la coruna (galicia) knocked on my door someday to engage me with the coverartwork and design for their first 7" EP with 4 smashing surf songs. "quasimoto" is surf-slang for the typical surfer position on the surfboard. on the front you see hunchie the hunchback doing the quasimoto on his board, while he pulls two surfing birds... wohoooo - get the EP the soonest hodaddy-ooooo

"SWITCHBLADE" - the other guys

another cover i made a few years ago - released on butterfly records, barcelona. well, "switchblade" is exactly the right title for me, so it was obvious to paint an evil rocker looking for trouble at the corner of a street, while a tiny little girl dressed in a pink gown runs away in fear. the backside of the sleeve the songlist, sleeve notes and both characters again - this time the rocker spoiled it... the record is a superb vintage 60s beat and rocknroll performance by this french band "the other guys" that sadly doesn't exist anymore as far as i'm concerned. BUY it, if it still is in stock at butterfly records - it is more than worth it!!!!
check: www.butterfly-records.com


yep, when i was a little babyboy, my mother bought me a ....well, dunno how it is called in english...swimming duck? a floating tire with a duck's head to use in the sea or pool. well, i finally dug this duck out from the attic and first i nearly cried, cause this plastic creature really brought back old memories. but what the heck should i do with it? of course i couldn't throw it away, but how to use it? i was way to old now to use this thing at the sea, people would stare at me or definitely judge me as a strongly narrowminded person (what i try to avoid) and besides that: the plastic allready had corroded...buhuuuu. ok, enough of this palaver: i finally cut the head off and made this "mixed media"-collage... at the end of the day the duck still has a place in my life. juhuuu!!!

TRIXI will zum film

...means "trixi wants to go to hollywood" 2009 - acrylic painting on canvas mixed with pages of old books. size 100cm x 120cm.