Freitag, 2. März 2012


yep, when i was a little babyboy, my mother bought me a ....well, dunno how it is called in english...swimming duck? a floating tire with a duck's head to use in the sea or pool. well, i finally dug this duck out from the attic and first i nearly cried, cause this plastic creature really brought back old memories. but what the heck should i do with it? of course i couldn't throw it away, but how to use it? i was way to old now to use this thing at the sea, people would stare at me or definitely judge me as a strongly narrowminded person (what i try to avoid) and besides that: the plastic allready had corroded...buhuuuu. ok, enough of this palaver: i finally cut the head off and made this "mixed media"-collage... at the end of the day the duck still has a place in my life. juhuuu!!!

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