Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2016


I knocked out this din-A 4 size design pretty fast... sketching directly on the paper with leadpencil, then inking it and finally using Grey acrylic paint for shadows and orange for Details.
man, i just love hillbillies - in all different sizes. holy smoke is a small, well VERY SMALL record Label from scotland - but they sure have good stuff... the great shiverin' sheiks have a CD out there, and also the strange blue dreams. check them out, they are great. don't know These two bands yet, but i sure would like to be there to listen to their Music.
let#s see - maybe somewhere down the line i can play with my own Hillbilly Outfit "dr. bontempi's snake oil co." together with These bands.
enough of this blabla - here you see the design and Details...

and the final Flyer (with the required changes ;-)

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