Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

la GAZETTE du ROCK no.1

"la maison du rock" - a belgian club who organizes concerts and exhibitions - also brings out this fine magazin. they asked me to do the no. 1 issue front cover, and here it is... first i thought about illustrating a whole band - later i focused on only two musicians: a hillbilly pluckin the doghouse bass and beatnik with a drug overdose hammering the bongos.


  1. Hello ! Do yo know if it's possible to order "La Gazette du Rock" on Internet, please ? Thank you vert much.

  2. hi anonym!!!! well, sorry for answering more than 1 year later!!!!! - i just didn't notice your comment. well, you can purchase the gazette du rock at "la maison du rock" in liege - google it, you sure gonna find it. stella and jampur are running the whole thing. and hey - i still got this issue - so I can sell it to you! just contact me...

  3. Hi Marcel ! Now it's my turn to answer more than one year later. I just realized that you sent me an answer. Thank you very much for your message. I finally found the gazette. I really like your fine artworks. I recently started a vinyl collection with your artworks (Martini Surfers, The Other Guys, ...). Really cool ! I also hope to see you and your great band on stage in France, one of these days.


    Max from France.